Trend to try? Denim flares

I realize that denim flares are not a new trend, but I’ve been resistant. I used to wear wide-leg jeans—some verging on bell-bottom status—ten years ago, before banning them from my closet in favor of skinnies. I tend to think of them as best suited to model-types (extra long and lean), particularly when worn with flats (my preference). But lately I’ve been really drawn to them, and I’m thinking about giving flares another go.

Here are seven pairs that seem to get the best reviews…


1. Madewell Flea Market Flare / 2. STS Blue “Nikki” / 3. Madewell Flea Market Button-front Flare (also shown on model on steps, just above) / 4. J Brand High Rise / 5. H & M Flare / 6. Mother Patch Slacker / 7. MiH Marrakesh (also shown on Claudia Schiffer to the left, this one is supposed to be amazing). (Other inspirational images are of Hannah Henderson, in The General Store.)


The funny thing: I thought the same thing about ankle-length skinny jeans at one time. I thought they were only for Gisele and should otherwise be avoided at all costs.

What do you think? It strikes me that all the images of women wearing flares do indeed feature extremely long, skinny legs. Beyond that, I can’t decide if they’ll feel a bit too costumey—like an audition for Dazed and Confused, part 2. But I think I may have to give them a try, because I just keep thinking about them.

Are you wearing them? Favorite brands?

P.S. A guide to summer sandals.

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