California State Fair (& Friday Links)

CA State Fair 2

Wednesday night was my first time to the California State Fair. It’s held at the enormous Expo venue here in Sacramento, which sort of blew me away as all of my expectations about fairs are rooted in the cartoon version of Charlotte’s Web. I was most excited when we left the midway rides (do they still call them that?) and made our way over to the barns—half-hoping to see “Some Pig” written above a pen. No luck there, but we did see some very cute three-day-old Holsteins and some very pregnant (even overdue) cows in the UC Davis Veterinary center’s barn.

Otherwise, top takeaways: Motorcycles flying through the air in a Motocross event is bonkers! Nutella is really good fried. (But when isn’t it?) And you can spend a lot of money very quickly on carnival rides. It’s very difficult to say no to anything that makes little kids smile the way that bouncing and spinning does.

Do you go to your state fair? What are the highlights for you?

A few more photos, some plans for the weekend, and Friday links… 

Bungee CA Fair

CA Fair Horses

CA State Fair


We’re taking Hudson to see his first musical this weekend. Peter Pan at at theatre-in-the-round called Music Circus. We’re reading Backstage Cat (of course) and Amandina to talk a bit about going to the theatre—and I’ve been teaching him to sing “I Won’t Grow Up” with me.

Amy’s opened a drive-thru in Northern California! There’s a vegetarian option for everything.

Ladyjerks” and Amy Schumer. Can’t wait to see Trainwreck. Who’s been?

I found this article on diaper disparity heartbreaking.

Did you catch this link about Trouble’s cinnamon toast in the Outer Sunset guide?

The cost of writing a novel.

Summer essential for combatting frizzy hair post-swimming (almost air-dries straight after some repeated use).

How long it takes to read childrens’ books.

Making this cake soon. There hasn’t been nearly enough angel food and strawberries this summer.

Finally, we spent last Sunday on Lake Berryessa and I can’t believe that there’s a fire raging there today (around from where I shared those photos of wildflowers). Right now the fire is at 6,000 acres and only 5% contained. We can see the smoke and there are ashes on my car this morning. I keep thinking about the firefighters (and all that water we can’t afford to spare) working to contain it. I hope there’s some good news soon.

Enjoy the weekend!

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