Rainbows and sparkles: Happy 4th Birthday, Skyler!

Today is Skyler’s birthday! She’s four years old. Four years of love and joy and kindness and all things wonderful. Her smiles brighten all of our days, and so we wanted to brighten hers with a birthday party this weekend.

Early on she requested to wear her rainbow-unicorn-tutu from halloween, so we basically just based the entire party off that: colorful, sparkly, magical… and ready to dance. That’s pretty much Skyler in a nutshell. She planned at least four different cakes, including a “spicy one for grownups,” but in the end she landed on… “rainbow.” We invited a fairy to come and do a little magic show and dance lesson, and Skyler invited all of her best friends. They were the sweetest little group!

Here are some highlights from the morning…

We moved out the furniture and the rug (which has led to lots of fun dancing) because it has traditionally rained on Skyler’s birthday, but it turned out to be the most beautiful day! Aron set out fruit and croissants for pre-cake snacks and I set out some goodie bags. We blew up a bunch of balloons, and rented some kid-sized tables to put outside.

We invited a fairy to come from the company Happily Ever Laughter. It was the funniest experience talking to them on the phone. They NEVER break character. Even my email with an invoice saying it was for my records “not the kind you play” was in keeping the tone. The kids were totally enthralled.

The first part was 30 minutes and then she did a little dance lesson and some balloon animals. By the way, it was so interesting to see how 30 minutes is really the right length of time for an activity for kids this age (3 to 5). Some stayed to dance, but most went on to play outside or do some coloring, which was just fine!

I’m grateful that the parents were fine with my sharing these photos—all of those little faces were what made the day.

I love when I find the photos Aron took—from his 6’8″ perspective! I realize how everything must be so low for him!

Because Skyler wanted to wear her costume, we invited all the kids to dress up (if they wished) and we had a fun mix of firemen, fairies, jungle cats, ballerinas, and even a Snow White!

We couldn’t have hoped for a sweeter party for the sweetest girl.

We spent the rest of the day slowly opening some presents (she has to write a thank you card before going on to the next one), and going on a birthday bike ride! Today I’ll head over to her preschool for a little class party with cupcakes, and then we’ll celebrate the real deal with grandparents tonight. We have a surprise trip planned for next weekend as our gift to birthday gift to her and I can’t wait to finally tell the kids! She hasn’t asked for anything, nor has she noticed that we haven’t given her a present to open, so I don’t think she’s expecting anything else.

Happy birthday to dear Skyler, we love you more than all the stars!

P.S. Her first week of life (including meeting her in the hospital), two kids two months in, and all of her birthdays.

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