Holding on

A trip to the Greenmarket last weekend–another important first for this kiddo (on what was predicted to be his actual due date, but in fact was day 13)–brought out a mix of emotions. All of my favorite fruits and vegetables were out (tiny tri-state strawberries, blueberries, white corn, stone fruits, and the sweetest of sweet Sungold tomatoes… for example) and it just felt like such a perfect summer day, being out together. At the same time I realized that I had missed many of these items’ arrival, having been away for a few weeks, and the passage of time was all too palpable.
It’s already so with Hudson: we look forward to him growing and smiling (and sleeping through the night), but I can already see how it can all go too fast!
We’ve been eating tomato, corn, and basil salads on repeat ever since–practice for savoring the moment.

P.S. More family photos today on baby mine!

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