Full speed ahead

This weekend, Ashley and I tried to get some videos of Hudson’s new tricks–crawling, pulling himself to standing, and even cruising. He loves his rattle, so Ashley tried to get him to follow it and cruise along the couch. Then I gave it a it a try.


Here are some of Ashley’s favorite links from around the web…

Time to sort through my starred list! Here are some things that have been on my mind:

White on white quilts are my favorite, but bias or not, this one has such a wonderful backstory.
I’ve been looking at homes a lot lately, with moving on the brain. The Børge Mogensen home is amazing! This looks like an ideal beach house (check out that shower). And so many pin-worthy images of the Corkellis house, found via Door Sixteen (too bad the site isn’t pin-compatible).
I’ve joked to Aron that to make it onto the NY Times “most emailed list” you need to write an article about a golden retriever, and to be successfully shared among bloggers, you should make something referencing pantone colors. Of course, I have nothing against either–and so I feel obliged to pass along this lovely children’s book.
I think this sweet ad was more memorable than most of this year’s Oscars (zzzzz). It was mentioned to me a half dozen times in the days following (justly so).
Have I mentioned how amazing I think Alan Rickman is? Hila led me to this excerpt from Emma Thompson’s notes on the making of Sense of Sensibility and I love hearing about behind the scenes chatter with Mr. Rickman and imagining his distinctively saucy voice.
Beautiful (and really clever) IKEA plus H&M DIYs
One of our readers is a sleep coach and offered to chat about Hudson’s early morning wakings! Brooke was so nice and encouraging–and, quite perfectly, her business is named “Sleepy on Hudson.” Those of you hoping to get more sleep soon might take note. (Thank you, Brooke!)
It took me a minute to recognize the term “Venn Diagram.” This is a good one.
But here’s the poster I’d chose for a hypothetical gallery wall in Hudson’s room.
I’ve been reading “>Bringing Up Bebe (observations on French parenting) and find it at times fascinating, at times frustrating. It has made me laugh, too, but not as much as I laughed reading Anne’s observations on French swimming pools.

Finally, thank you, everyone, for your interest in the apartment! I’ve been doing my best to send personal replies to inquiries, but wanted to share a few more details in case we go the rental route. We are of course hoping to sell, but will decide in the next week or two for certain (actually, it’s pretty likely that we’ll rent), and then we will determine the fee, etc. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure to mention that our building is a co-op: the board has to approve a renter and there’s a maximum rental period of two years. We’re hoping to stay through the end of July. I’ll be in touch with those who have expressed interest ASAP!

Have a great weekend! I’m feeling spoiled by the 70 degree weather we enjoyed yesterday and will be wishing for more of the same.

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