Scenes from our Halloween

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Here’s a few photos (well, more than a few) from our family’s celebration.

Hudson chose to be a cheetah this year, so he could “run ahead and get lots of candy.” He is the fastest land animal afterall. Skyler chose a rainbow fairy unicorn. She was simply to be fairy at first, but in the end she was solidly a unicorn—a spinning, dancing, flying one.

Aron and I took a page from one of our favorite TV shows, Game of Thrones, and dressed as Daenerys and her dragon.

We had actually come up this other costume—Amelie and her garden gnome—for a party earlier in the month, so it’s a little silly that we had two this year.

But the kids loved the giant tail Aron made. It was six feet long!

The kids started the day with less elaborate costumes for school. (Skyler wore butterfly wings and Hudson put on some of his old cheshire cat costume accessories.)

Then Aron came home early so we could all head downtown for the Davis treat trail. The crowd gets more creative every year!

When the kids spotted this Moana-ensemble (the lava monster is such a nice touch), they stopped in their tracks. It was like they’d seen a celebrity.

Finally, before dark, we headed over to our friends’ home for their annual Halloween party. After some playtime and real food, we all headed out to trick-or-treat.

What were your favorite costumes you spotted on Halloween? I saw a family of s’mores where the parents were graham crackers and the two kids were the marshmallow and chocolate. And I loved the two parents dressed as robbers with a baby outfitted as a bag of money. The themes were great!

P.S. One of my favorite couples dressed up as characters from Game of Thrones. 

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