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I’ve got lots of summer catch-up to do, but we’re most excited because our family is coming into town from Germany on Sunday! Aron’s sister and our nephews arrive first, followed by our brother-in-law shortly thereafter. We’re so looking foward to seeing them in person after so much time apart. We’re going to sneak in a couple of babysittting nights this weekend before they arrive and then do our best to make up for lost time. Hope you have a great weekend! Be safe, be well, get vaccinated…

Are you watching the Olympics? Following Olympic Updates? On my to-listen queue: This episode of The Daily on Simone Biles, who rightly put her safety (and consequently the team’s success) first.

How Did It Come to This? The Delta variant is winning, for the moment.

“They Spurned the Vaccine. Now They Want You to Know They Regret It.” Get vaccinated if you can!

A state-by-state look at what abortion looks like around the country and how this year is unfolding—as of now, nearly 600 anti-abortion laws have been introduced in 47 states this year.

Our friends are visiting their family in Bad Münstereifel, and we are thinking of those whose towns are recovering from the flooding in Germany and Belgium.

Jelly cakes capture the cosmos. Stunning!

Billie Eilish’s second album Happier Than Ever is out!

The best mosquito repellant. ‘Tis the season…

A saucy new  British series?

House of Gucci trailer.

Lovely market basket (with leather straps).

Good looking stoneware from Gap’s first home line. (I still use something similar from Ikea, the purchase I made for my first apartment.)

Sacramento-based designer (and friend) Shavonda Gardner’s kitchen is just WOW!

Also in Sacramento design news, I can’t wait for this wonderful couple’s show on HGTV! It’s going to be so good.

Thank you to those who recommended BBC3’s comedy StarstruckAron and I quickly devoured it!

I can’t get enough of Sarah Marshall (You’re Wrong About) and have been really enjoying her podcast with Alex Steed, You Are Good.

Such a pretty mancala board. (Not familiar? See this post on some of our favorite family games.)

[Photo: Outdoor swimming at Frauenbad Stadthausquai in Zurich, Switzerland © Alessandro Della Bella]


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