Vegas, baby, Vegas (& Friday links)


It’s been a busy travel week for me: I just got back from a quick overnight trip to Los Angeles and, today, Aron and I are flying to Las Vegas to celebrate two friends’ 35th birthdays!

It’s supposed to rain there—boo—but we’re still going to have a blast. All those casino corridors make it really easy to stay indoors, right? And I guess I might just have to recreate that scene above. Twist my arm. Anybody have any favorite Vegas tips to share?

Here are some posts about my most recent visits:
48 hours last spring (with Cirque de Soleil Zarkana and the spa at Vdara)
A weekend getaway with Aron (with a visit to the Mob Museum and a helicopter tour)
Visiting the Neon Boneyard
And a favorite burger stop

And some links of note…

Sex & the City in Ghana?

The Life We Bury is our next book club pick. What are you reading now?

I met Kelly Kapowski! And she’s from Long Beach, too! Friends forever…

Only a few more weeks until Game of Thrones returns (I can’t wait) and HBO is commenting on Jon Snow? Spoiler? 

And in more pop culture news: Rory Gilmore appears not to be the next Christiane Amanpour.

The Sugar Conspiracy

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Portraits of working moms.

A great rundown of sleep training methods.

Adventure playgrounds (there’s one wonderful one in Berkeley that was built in the ’70s)

The Shopbop sale ended but East Dane, the brother site for guys, is offering 30% off everything with the code InTheFam through Saturday. Getting ahead on Father’s Day, anyone?

P.S. I’m still getting helpful feedback and working out some kinks on the new site. Anyone having trouble with RSS feeds like Bloglovin’ or other issues to report?

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