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I was flipping through Lucky Magazine the other day and came across a tour of Madewell Head Designer, Kin Ying Lee’s Brooklyn loft. I was struck by how nice it was to see such a lovely space that is designed with pieces priced within reach: sources tended toward relatively affordable shops like Ikea, Crate and Barrell, and West Elm yet the space still felt unique. But I really loved her wall of shelves and couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the page. She mounted basic hardware store brackets on the wall and then used Ikea wood countertops, sawed in half, for the shelves! Brilliant.

Some other things that have been hanging around in my starred file:

Why have I not gone to Park Here yet!?
Loving these mini cakes that Jordan made using a tin-can! So clever!
Also clever? Marshmallow tea lattes.
And faux brass figurines.
This stunning hotel in Baja is one for my must-visit list.
Aron has actually been reading the much-talked about Bringing Up Bebe

, and I can’t wait to read it next. Also interested in this
book and this
book on kids.
This sweet Valentine’s day surprise is still making me smile.
Aubrey and James tied the knot and it was beautiful!
Leigh (who is about to have a baby–yay!) posts artists’ depictions of breastfeeding, and this is exactly what Hudson does all the time. He’s starting to pinch my lips sometimes, too.
This made me miss our apartment in Los Angeles. Not that we lived in a mid-century modern apartment, but these photos are just so LA.
Did you read this Times Magazine article on habit-studies? (Not too surprised to learn that Target and other companies are studying our habits, but it’s a little creepy. I think it’s fascinating to learn that our habits are most prime to be in flux when we have a child.)
I contributed a travel tip to the family issue of Beach Tomato! And I will be taking notes from the other (more experienced) moms who contributed.
I’ve been reading Mindy Kaling’s book
, and I think we should be friends. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Finally: Hudson is seven months old today! Awww, baby boy. I’m going to put off our photo session until Aron is home tomorrow and will share them next week…

Have a great holiday weekend! I’m so excited that Aron has Monday off.

[Image appears on Page 94, Lucky March 2012]

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