St. Lucia (the iPhone version)

We’re back from a wonderful (but far too short) trip to St. Lucia. What a gorgeous island! I’m looking forward to going through all of our photos over the weekend and getting started on a travelogue to share, but here are a few favorite photos from my iPhone in the meantime.

We stayed at the most beautiful hotel, La Jalousie; it’s right between the two Pitons and so the location was pretty stunning. This was one of those vacations where we stayed put, so the hotel was sort of a make-or-break deal. It didn’t disappoint.

Hudson had a great time, too, in spite of the timely emergence of two little teeth over our stay (less so, however, when they bothered him on the flight home).

Can’t wait to share more! We’re hoping to be fully unpacked any day now…

And P.S. Hope you all had a happy Valentine’s day!

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