Skyler at Nine Months


Nine months.

As I’m late writing an update, Skyler has officially been out longer than she was in. I feel like we got here faster than with Hudson. I think it has a little bit to do with her disposition and a little bit to do with being the second child—she gets less exclusive attention each day.

Actually, right or not, I compare her to Hudson often. It’s funny how fast I’d forgotten what happened when, and I find myself looking back through photos archives, these monthly updates, and the line-a-day journal I kept with Hudson to see how their development is different (and the same). She crawled sooner. He took his first steps at the end of his ninth month.

What I don’t need any of those items to remind me: this is a wonderful age.

Skyler is full of squeals and smiles. She watches everything around her with such focus and seems very perceptive when it comes to the emotions of others. She is comfortable around strangers, but she has started to show more signs of missing us when we leave the room—and, better, more signs of excitement when one of us comes in. And while it’s not consistent, she will wave hello and goodbye with the slightest twist of her wrist. (Don’t you love the way babies move their squishy little hands?) For the dog and, we just discovered, very small babies (creatures being the common thread?) she clicks hello. I tend to call Sawyer by name and then a couple clicks of the tongue. She makes the same sound when he comes in the room. And she’s so excited to see him—they’re becoming friends, which is nice because all she did for a while was try and pull his hair.

Sometimes she seems to have a lot to say, “da da da da…” but so far I’d describe her demeanor as more inquisitive than demonstrative.

Some favorite things (that often fall into the category of demonstrative exceptions): Playing chase with Hudson. She will crawl faster than you thought possible (f you’ve seen the old Bye Bye Birdie with Dick Van Dyke, she reminds me of that turtle with the fast pills!) and then tuck her head close to the floor with her diaper-padded bottom up in the air. I think she’s trying to hide! It’s adorable.

Also, she loves holding sticks (she will go from zero to sixty in no time at the sight of a pencil, and “sticks” was her babysitter’s first answer when I asked her opinion about Skyler’s top interests right now). She loves reaching into potted plants (and brushing her hand on the stones in the one in the kitchen), crawling into tight spaces and under chairs, and eating.

For a while she was actually very unpleasant at restaurants because she would get so demanding about grabbing whatever was on our plates. We let her feed herself for the most part—which is incredibly messy—and so far pizza crust with tomato sauce has been her favorite. She also eats lots of eggs, banana, and yogurt. She will chew on chicken strips and pucker her lips up into a fish face around every bite. She has four teeth. Four very sharp little teeth—two on the top and two on the bottom, and there are two incisors visible on through her gums.

She nurses with me on occasion, but she is nearly impossible to breastfeed in public—so different than Hudson. So she gets a lot of bottles. First they were expressed, but now they tend to be formula. She’s also pickier about these and will reject them if they aren’t warm enough! Again, not at all like Hudson, who would drink or eat anything. She has a babysitter she adores—and who has been signing with her!—who comes and spends a few mornings a week with her, so ultimately I’m grateful that she’s good with a bottle.

Her sleep routine has consisted of three naps most days: after going to bed at 7:30pm, she sleeps until around 6:30 or 7 and then has naps at 9:30, 12, and 3 or 3:30. I think, however, that she’s about to switch to two naps a day. On a few occasions she’s lasted until 10 or so before taking that first, longer nap. Sidenote? I can tell you the exact day that Hudson switched to two naps a day because I recorded all of his sleep for over a year! I looked back and it was March 19, which made him almost exactly nine months old.

We haven’t had a doctor’s appointment in a while (even though she’s had quite a few colds in her short life), so I’m not sure how much she weighs, but she’s tall! She is quickly outgrowing all of her footed pajamas. She shocked me the other day when she stood up and reached over the top of Hudson’s Trip Trapp chair. I saw these tiny little fingers wrap over the top edge and could hardly believe it. Have a look, that’s higher than our kitchen counter! Fortunately, she’s still content to stand at Hudson’s play bbq grill most days.

I’m sorry that Skyler doesn’t get the monthly updates that Hudson did, because I’m sure I’m forgetting something. She melts our heart on a daily basis and we can’t stop ourselves from stroking her soft cheeks, laughing at her rhythm (she dances whenever music comes on!), remarking on her beautiful and tiny neck (on which she balances a lovely, still nearly hairless head), and cooing over her breathy kisses.

Cheers to nine months, Skyler. You’re the sweetest, most delicious little love. xo

P.S. Skyler’s first week of life, thoughts on having two kids, and updates at three months and six months.

[2nd photo taken 10/5 at 8 months, others taken 11/5 at 9 (when all she wanted to do was crawl off the couch!]

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