Jack Knows Best: a stylist’s tips for men

An hour somehow just disappeared while I read all of the men’s style Q&A on JCrew’s “Jack Knows Best” feature–a sort of faux-blog wherein the personal stylist persona Jack talks rolling up sleeves, packing a carry-on, the terms you need to talk to your tailor, and date ideas for Valentine’s Day. All that “What a Man Should Know” sort of stuff. (And of course I get a kick out of imagining that Andy Spade wrote it.)

I know it’s a sales technique and I know I’m not the target audience but I loved it! It’s such a spot-on, simple guy’s style guide (for the sort of guy who is down with the style found in a JCrew catalogue, obviously). I wish there was an equivalent set of “rules” for women, but alas we get to be much more creative than a two-button or three-button suit jacket at a formal event.

Some of my favorite tips:

“Take your suits to the tailor (even if they fit you).

“Your watch doesn’t need to tell you what phase the moon is in or double as a stock ticker (your phone probably has an app for that, anyway). It just needs to tell you if you’re going to be late for work.

“Dress like a grown-up when traveling.

“Obviously, if you’re wearing a white shirt, any [tie] goes—except for novelty ties, which never, ever go.

“[U]nless you want to look like you raided your dad’s resort wardrobe, I’d suggest a shirt with clean lines and a trim cut.

“To really pull [business casual] off right, you want to wear one part business and one part casual.

“[W]hile you can unbutton your jacket when sitting, you should keep it buttoned while standing.

“I say hats off inside.

“When it really comes down to it […] the best way to stand out from the crowd is with your sparkling conversation and witty repartee.

“Channel your inner Paul Newman and you’ll be just fine.”  [Isn’t that the truth? In all things, really.]

P.S. More photos of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Just because.

And JCrew? If you’re listening? Please expand your men’s Tall collection. It’s seriously dwindling!

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