A few family photos (and a tree!)

Just a few photos our friends took for us while we were picking up our tree over the weekend. We’ve set it up–and it smells so good–but we’ve yet to string the lights or place any ornaments. We’re thinking about going lights-only this year, since Hudson would likely try and pull any ornaments down; and, as I noted in this little Kinfolk video, a simple tree can be really beautiful.

We went to the Boy Scouts tree lot this year–and Hudson was laughing and having a blast walking around in the muddy wood chips. Maybe next year we’ll take him into the foothills to cut our own. Or maybe we’ll go the potted tree route. (I read somewhere that you need to keep a faux tree for 20 years to make it more eco-friendly than a live tree, but that the most sustainable option of all–besides foregoing–is a potted tree. This company and this one rent them and then re-plant them! So brilliant.)

P.S. Our tree last year (look how little Hudson is!) in New York, and in California; and the year before, when it was just the two of us. (Or not really, since I was secretly pregnant!)

[Top two photos by our friend, Ben Brezing–thanks, Ben!]

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