It’s been a while since we shared a video of Hudson. This is one of those favorites that I keep watching, even though he’s with me for all of his waking hours and will happily do a repeat performance live (except on command for friends, of course).

And I feel like we completely skipped over the quintessential “he’s walking” video. Here’s an attempt to remedy that (taken while we were in St. Martin in May, maybe 2 weeks after his first steps).

Today is Aron’s LAST DAY OF RESIDENCY!!! Woo-hoo!! I remember talking to him about his deciding to go to medical school when we first met, back in 1999. It has been a crazy journey and I feel like there should be a parade or something in his honor this weekend. What should we do to celebrate?? Congratulations to my husband, the superstar.

Have a great weekend!

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