A Hot Bath (& Friday Links)

Those photos of Jenna Lyons new apartment, circulating widely after her Times Magazine feature, make me want to take a hot bath! (As opposed to all of the news lately that makes me want to take a cold shower.) The light in the feature is so beautiful.

On a related note, someone wrote recently that they’d like to see more in the home & design category around here. I’m hoping to work on the editorial calendar over the break and would love to hear about any other topics you’d like to see more of. Please leave a comment to let me know!

Any plans for the weekend? We have our first holiday party, and I’m so excited! We’re also going to drive into the city to take the kids to a performance of the Nutcracker that’s geared toward children.

Some links of note, if you’ll be doing any browsing… 

Such devastating news coming out of Southern California—and so close to where I grew up. Here are some resources for helping, from CA. Gov.  Cash donations are preferred, because they reduce the amount of labor and the expense of sorting, packing, transporting, and distributing donated goods. Relief agencies can use cash to meet survivors’’ specific needs more quickly while also supporting local economic recovery.

I don’t think we’ll stray from home around the holidays, but if we did, I’d want to go to Boston!

The Santa Brand media guide. So good!

I’m not sensitive to gluten, but I’m excited about this news, too!

I’m going to try this craft with the kids.

The Nazis are feeling neglected. Ha!

New from the creator of Gilmore Girls! Has anyone watched it yet?

Some San Francisco tips. P.S. We stayed at this hotel recently and it was a great bargain in a nice location. (Here are more SF Tips.)

But seriously, all I want for Christmas? Doug Jones in the Senate. (C’mon Alabama!) (But why Moore will probably win.)

Raising a teenage daughter 

Five ways kids can give back during the holidays.

We’ve been eating in a lot more lately. Has anyone tried out this lovely cookbook?

Thank you so much for the wonderful holiday book recommendations in this post. I added the Story Orchestra Nutcracker to my list this week. Skyler is obsessed with it.

The Female Voice (via Design Mom)

Such a fun holiday dress! Or maybe a big birthday celebration?

The 25 most-read articles in The New Yorker this year.

Our kids have been making snowflakes out of coffee filters recently, so I got a kick out of this.

Finally, all four of the gift guides are up—For Her, For Him, For the Kiddos, and For Everyone Else.

And some holiday dessert recipes: A yule-log layer cake and ginger lemon-buttercream sandwich cookies.

[Photo by Simon Watson for the New York Times]


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