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Happy Halloween Eve! We’ve been whipping up some last-minute costumes for the kids, but I think Aron and I might be a bit bo-humbug this year. The plan is to carve pumpkins and make pumpkin delight tonight. Then, tomorrow, we’ll visit grandparents’ houses for some scavenger-hunt-style trick-or-treating, scoot around town during a Davis zombie bike ride, and watch a not-too-spooky movie with friends. The kids are still so excited about the holiday, despite some of the missing elements. How about you? Any fun plans?

This photo is from a Halloween a few years ago. Here are some more favorite couples costumes, including some we’ve worn.

In “The America Bureau,” reporters remark on the chaotic American Presidential campaign, and what it means for the rest of the world. (I really enjoyed the 13 minute video.)

Excerpt from An Ode to Washing Dishes

America Is About to Choose How Bad the Pandemic Will Get

Would you hire him? Ha! (But only funny if you don’t vote for him.)

On lifestyle influencers spreading the QAnon cult’s message.

Don’t lose hope.

Chrissy Teigen bravely opens up about her pregnancy loss, something so many go through all too alone.

One of the top tips I’ve gleaned for keeping indoor plants healthy.

Food52 at Nordstrom. Makes me want to replace all of my spatulas.

There’s a great scene in Better Things with a fake wake. This guy’s friends threw him one on his birthday!

I think I might want to put this on every night for watching TV.

So captivating. An interview with a Titanic survivor.

This used to be something my dad made before every holiday party. (And now he’s allergic to peanut butter. How cruel is that?!)

I’ve collected quite a few of the back issues. The book would make a nice addition to a would-be traveler’s collection.

This magic nailpolish is on sale.

How well do you do on this photo quiz?

A must-read, must-gift forthcoming release.

An uplifting dose of cute things. Lots of baby (and just tiny) animals!

I wish they still had my size. Cozy and Looks so cute on.

I cut the tag out and have been wearing this dress backwards, over and over.

This view!

Wishlist cookbook. Bhel Puri was one of my favorite lunch items in New York. We had the best South Indian restaurants around the corner from my office.

And also this one. I haven’t had anything like the flavors we tasted on that trip to Bali and still think about it often. Ottolenghi says Indonesia is “definitely where I would go to discover new tantalizing flavours.”

Finally, look at this gorgeous salad by Sophia Roe.

Have a happy Halloween! And don’t forget to vote, if you haven’t done so already. Spread the word!!!

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