Travelogue: One month in Bali (August 2012)


I’ve been wanting to share a true, extensive (over-the-top, in typical fashion) travelogue from our month in Bali for, oh, almost a year now. And I think it’s time! Here’s the plan: I have multiple posts on where we stayed, what we saw, where we shopped and ate, for each of our destinations. There was just too much to tell for me to put everything into one long post this time.

I’ll spend the next week or so sharing different aspects of our trip, give each the tag “Bali Travelogue,” and you can see them all grouped once I’m done. I’ll start with Ubud next week, and then pause for a while to finish up posts on Permuteran, the Gilis, and Seminyak (see updated list below).

Those of you who have written me asking questions about traveling to Bali, often with young children: I’m sorry it took me so long! The rest of you with no plans to go there anytime soon: Um, sorry? Indulge me? And start saving your miles for a ticket! It was amazing!

First up, the 40-hour journey and arriving at our first destination, Ubud.

Updated posts list: 
Welcome to Ubud
Central Ubud
Markets of Ubud
Cremation and Ceremony in Ubud
Excursions from Ubud
North to Permuteran
Amed & Gili Trawagnan (Lombok)

[photo of our first home, Harvest Moon Villa]

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