Shut-eye on a red-eye


I flew in on the red-eye from Oakland this morning; we had a great time out west (and I’ll share some photos when Aron returns from San Francisco with our camera, later this week).

Coming straight from the plane to the office was a little rough, but I’ve finally got a strategy when it comes to sleeping on airplanes, and I slept through most of the six-hour flight. I’ve become one of those people who inflate a neck pillow, and then pull out my socks, ear plugs, and an ambien. And I’ve become completely dependent on this sleep mask I found that allows blinking during REM sleep. We gave masks and pillows out to friends who participated in our wedding in hopes that they would use the masks when flying to visit us in New York (cough, cough) and I just replaced mine recently after panicking that I couldn’t find it in time for our trip to India. A little travel tip for long flights: bring along this Sleep Mask and a pair of ear plugs.

(photo: Chris and Josh at our rehearsal dinner, 2007*) 
(*This post is in no way just an excuse to share this photo of cute said friends.)

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