Celebrating in Las Vegas! (Happy birthday to me!)

It’s my birthday this weekend, and then it will be Aron’s in a few weeks’ time, so he and I are celebrating in a big way—we’re flying to Las Vegas with plans to eat, drink, and dance with friends! I’m so excited!

Grandparents, babysitters, and classmates’ parents are all being enlisted—it takes a village!—for us to get away so I’m going to sign off early this week and enjoy the fruits, so to speak.

In the meantime, I’ve gathered up all of my previous Las Vegas posts below. I feel like there are new things to see and do (and taste) every time we go. What have been your favorite experiences there?

Highlights have been: Taking a weekend getaway with Aron (with a visit to the Mob Museum and a helicopter tour);

Leaving the strip and Visiting the Neon Boneyard;

Spending Two nights at the Cosmopolitan Hotel (which pretty much has all of our favorite places to eat);

Making time for a solo 48 hour getaway (with Cirque de Soleil Zarkana and the spa at Vdara);

And (always) detouring for a favorite burger stop—up there with the best food on the strip.

Oh, and one of the first travelogues we ever wrote—a 2006 Southwest road trip—ends in Las Vegas!

Stay tuned for more #bathroomselfies on Instagram this weekend. And I’ll be back in a week with the rest of that Italy travelogue!

[Last photos from Instagram #EmarieAndNickTurnOld]

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