Couple Costumes for Halloween

As I said last year, I fear the days of whole family-themed costumes may be behind us. There was a brief time this summer when Skyler declared she wanted to be a mermaid, and Aron and I planned to join her as King Triton (him) and Sebastian (me), but by the time October came around she’d rolled through multiple new ideas. This year, Aron and I are once again on our own.

Anyone else in the same boat? Here are some very clever costumes for couples to help you get inspired, along with a few more from our collection…

Pretty in Pink

Princess Bride

Lighting and Storm

Jim & Pam from The Office

Jurassic Park 

Marty & Doc

Pinocchio & Geppetto

Taco Sauce

Beetlejuice couple

Jack & Wendy or The Twins from The Shining 

Of course, Party City now has a whole couple section.

As does Target.

All of these mom & kid costumes could be made into couple pairings. I love the Edward Scissorhands with topiary!

And, finally, a few of our own!

Daenerys and her dragon.

John & Yoko

and Holmes & Watson

Have you seen anything really original lately? 

P.S. More Halloween inspiration for the whole family. And the first time Aron and I coordinated—as Bonnie & Clyde.

[Lead Photo from last year: Amelie & her gnome]

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