May Day

It felt like summer on Saturday–the perfect excuse to break out the new blanket we brought home from India!
Central park was packed and we even passed a few May Poles on our way to a shady spot on the Great Hill.
I’ve been wanting to try Langres for a while now; Joanna wrote about the stinky, creamy cheese–which is made from cow’s milk in the Champagne region of France and is, appropriately, served after one pours champagne over it. We, inevitably, have our own version of the splashing-Max-Wanger photo.
The champagne paired nicely, and I liked the way it seemed to soften the chevre-like center of the cheese.  Not to mention: pouring bubbly over cheese was a bit exciting!
Langres is often likened to Epoisses, a personal favorite; but it’s milder and I still prefer the stinkier of the two. Of course, both are pungent enough to make good out-of-doors fare!

One of our favorite sights was actually that of this little dog who would herd a pink ball back and forth between two kickers–he must have made the circuit over a dozen times while we looked on!

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