Sing along

The craziest thing happened to me today: while leaving work, I edged into a crowed elevator and heard a man offer that, as we all just had moments together, we should have a little party. He then started singing “Puff the Magic Dragon” and insisted that we all sing along. It was only then that I turned to see that he was Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary! So of course we all sang along. Around fifteen of us got to end our day singing “Puff” in a crowded elevator with Peter Yarrow!
Peter is an author at Sterling, but I’d never met him. I’ve actually sung along with him before–on countless road trips (and once at the Hollywood Bowl), so this was pretty awesome. As we all walked out of the elevator I told him: “this is a story I can’t wait to tell.” He smiled and shrugged: “You never know what’s gonna happen.”

 (photo from The Associated Press)

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