Four day weeks (& Friday Links)



There must be some science to the wave of relief that hits me on the Friday of a 4-day-week. It’s counter-intuitive, really: we shouldn’t feel so eager for the weekend after getting Monday off. And yet. 

We are going out to celebrate my birthday (thank you for the well-wishes!) Saturday night. We believed that was all we had planned, but in fact, it turns out, Hudson has his first soccer game that morning. (Whoops.)

I also have a new bookclub pick to start. Have you read it? Reading anything good right now?


Here are some links of note, if you’re in the mood… 

Shake Shack frenzy at their new location in Seoul means about 4 burgers a minute. (Above is my order on one of my visits to the Las Vegas outpost.)

(And apparently they have a cookbook in the works!)

Does anyone Bullet Journal? Does it work? How long does it take to get into the habit?

Don’t fail even if your business does.

Baggu just opened in Oakland. (Love the feel of their leather pouches.)

We love audio books; I’m curious about these podcasts for kids. Any suggestions?

Massive fiber art.

A new trail—across Canada—is set to open in 2017.

And, in the meantime, some other ideas for long walks.

You can’t “get over it” unless you can define what “it” is. Why America needs a slavery museum.

Where do you stand on periods in text messages?

It took me a while to finish, but I finally did and now I can’t stop thinking about Fractured Lands.

With Hudson in Spanish Immersion, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much grammar becomes intuitive. This is fascinating!

Why Hillary Clinton might come across as aloof.

Have a great weekend!



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