It’s my birthday, too—yeah.

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Br-nr-nr-nr You say it’s your birthday! …
It’s my birthday too—yeah!

As it happens, today actually is my birthday! I’m going to keep the day free of all work plans, have cake with the kids, champagne with Aron, and—womp womp—go to a school picnic. But I’ll also get to celebrate a bit more over the weekend with friends!

So a question: what do you expect to happen on your birthday now that you’re all grown up? Phone calls, the day off, cake, presents? Are you upset if something doesn’t happen? Do you celebrate yours or sweep it under the rug? Pray tell—so I can crib notes.

We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

P.S. I never noticed how crazy Jake Ryan’s pants are! Also, previous birthday wishes with further proof that my kids are mine.

[Image from Sixteen Candles, 1984. Lyrics by Lennon and McCartney.]

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