Making plans

I wish the season of strawberries and sweet peas were never-ending. As that can’t be, I plan to indulge as much as possible in these remaining weeks.
Other plans? We recently made arrangements to fly to Germany to visit with family in Ludwigsburg! We’ll be celebrating Aron’s parents’ 40th wedding anniversary (who were married the same year as mine), and checking in on our nephews–who no doubt will be excited to show us their new rooms in their new house–this September.
After the visit, Aron and I will leave from Munich and fly to Sardinia for a few days on the beach. Has anyone been to the island? We’re flying into Cagliari and are more interested in the Southern half (as opposed to traveling up to the Costa Smerelda), as we’re only there for a couple of days. Any suggestions? We’d welcome your tips!

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