Your thoughts on our hypothetical travel?

It looks like we might have a month free (August) between the time Aron finishes his residency and the day he starts a new job–and we want to use it to go see some amazing place, just the three of us!

It might be the only time for years and years that Aron will have more than a two week vacation to travel. So here are some qualifications we’re hoping the destination might meet: Ideally, it wouldn’t be a place that you would go with only a week (i.e. the Caribbean), and really takes advantage of the fact that we have an extended amount of time by being either difficult to reach or too vast to visit on a brief trip. It should be affordable enough once we arrive that it won’t break the bank to stay 3-4 weeks (e.g. Southeast Asia would be easier on the wallet than Europe). We’ll be traveling with a one-year-old, so we’d like to avoid things like Malarial zones and would like to be able to stay in fairly comfortable accommodations and maybe rent an apartment for a while rather than move around a lot. Those of you with one-year-olds, please weigh in about considerations you would keep in mind; are we overlooking something? We’d like to go someplace warm with beach days for at least part of the time (but beach alone won’t justify a month). And our month off is August, so we need to be mindful of the heat and the possibility of things like typhoons. (On that note, do any of you have any experience traveling during the rainy/hot season in Asia?)

So I need your help–any ideas? I might put together some imaginary (possibly fantasy) itineraries for the blog if I get my act together. I can’t believe how fast it’s going to come; I think we have to buy tickets very soon!

[Photo from our April 2010 trip to India]

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