La Churreria

Aron really loves churros, and is perfectly content to snack on either the cinnamon-sugar variety that one finds in Mexican restaurants, or the less sweet, perfect-for-dipping-in-chocolate variety one finds in Spain. In fact, in both Barcelona and Madrid, Churro-tasting was a key element of the visit. And not since those trips to Spain have we had such delicious, Spanish-style churros. That is, until yesterday! When I read about La Churreria in Nolita, I grabbed Aron and our baby and we all headed downtown. The cafe is intimate, with just a few marble-topped tables and counters you can pull up to. We decided to go totally sweet and get a shot of espresso poured over sweetened condensed milk (like coffee candy) along with churros and chocolate. The one time we tried making churros was a total disaster (scary frying accident and all), and we may not be back to Spain for quite some time, so I am sure Aron will be steering us back here for his future fix.

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