Hello, mush

Hudson has been saying goodnight to mush for months now (we read Goodnight Moon before every sleep he takes in his crib), but he got to try some for the first time this past week. We puréed Oatmeal until it was mush and broke out the soft spoon for him to have his first taste of solid food. He seemed completely puzzled by the new texture–but not really adverse to it–and pushed it around with his tongue for a while before swallowing a little. I think he probably was content to chew on the spoon.

Since then, he has tried bananas, carrots, and peas! He usually has one meal–more like a snack, really–of solids every day. And he can sit in a high chair, now. The change has been huge for eating out. I was content to nurse him at the table, but I much prefer the activity of feeding him mashed up bananas or carrots over brunch. (Especially since he has become such a distracted eater!) Of course it’s also just another sign that he is growing up. Sigh…

Any favorite books about babies and first meals?

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