I’ve always loved the idea of marking out your kids’ heights on a wall or doorframe. I picture years and years of scratch marks recorded in the laundry room, a record of growth spurts that remains well after they’ve headed off to college. But the chances that you’ll stay in the same house—will the same laundry room—for all of those years is, for most of us, slim. So whenever I see a good alternative, I can’t help but take note.

This one is called Talltape, and what I like about it (because there are a few options out there now) is: a. it’s portable, and can be rolled up into a canister for storing if you don’t want to display it all the time; b. it’s wide enough to mark multiple children on one and tall enough to stretch into most adulthoods (6’6″ doesn’t quite accomodate Aron, but that’s a…er… tall order) ; and c. it comes in basic white! like your wall! (In addition to fairies and the like.) Most of the one’s I’ve seen are covered in art I’d likely grow tired of and only stretch to three or so feet. Hudson is already 40″ tall!

Talltape has been available in Europe for a few years now, but is just now being released in America.



You might recall that we have something similar in Hudson’s room, called Life’s Journey Measuring Stick. He loves standing up beside it (you can see it on the door frame, below) and will hand me a book as he wedges his heals against the baseboard. It’s a bit narrow for marking both his and Skyler’s heights, but I think we’ll manage. And though I love the nostalgic link to those old wooden rulers and its simple, pared down design, it would ideally sit flush with the wall a bit more easily. But either would be a sweet way to preserve a special memory.


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