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Apparently there’s a popular radio game on the BBC’s Radio 4 called “Just A Minute.” It’s been on the air for 47 years, with its now 90-year-old host, and the premise is simple: one must talk on a single subject for a full minute “without hesitation, repetition or deviation” on the topic. It’s quite difficult!

David Tennant—the Broadchurch/Gracepoint/Dr. Who actor whom I’m a bit fascinated with at the moment (his ability to go between accents, his ability to look 22 or 35 depending on the day…he’s 43)—gave it a go and his surprising success as a first-time-attempter was notable enough that it made news on PRI.

You can listen to his riff on the topic “Exit, pursued by a bear.” He makes it sound simple. I think it should be the next cocktail party game. Doesn’t it make you curious to try it?

Here are some other items that caught my attention recently… 

On a semi-related note, what are your verbal ticks? Apparently all of us are using “like” in conversation, now. (via Here & Now)

AND… um“um.” (Or “uh,” as the case may be.)

Between the escaped llamas and the blue/black vs white/gold dress debate, yesterday was a good day to be on Twitter.

Have you seen the Kinspiracy tumblr? Summer shares four images from a single instagram account, finding patterns that are anchored by a Kinfolk magazine cover. It’s pretty funny (and beautiful).

I love reading about people’s creative processes. Here, Matthew Weiner talks about writing Mad Men.

Eggs are back! (These are my suggestions for celebrating the new dietary recommendations.)

Switch to a standing desk. Or die. Made me laugh.

The new FCC decision on Net neutrality (where the Internet is treated like a public utility) is a huge deal! Need to know more? The Atlantic has a great article round-up.

Behind the scenes of that impressive new AirBnB commercial. (P.S. Anybody have a great AirBnB or other apartment rental to suggest in Silverlake?)

I’m always on the lookout for the perfect trench coat. (But I’m not allowing myself to buy another.) Do you have something like that?

Finally, last day to enter to win this bundle. Just leave a comment. Your odds are good!

Have a great weekend!

[Top Photo: Zed Nelson David Tennant, 2011 C-type print: 20X24 inch Scottish National Portrait Gallery © Zed Nelson via Best of David Tennant]

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