Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Today he is six! We looked at baby pictures together last night, and it feels at once like he was just six days old, and like he’s been this age forever.

He’s sweet and silly and confident—he values silliness above all else these days. If you tell him he’s acting crazy, he will probably take it as a compliment. He loves playing games and telling jokes, climbing trees and running fast, solving puzzles and building legos. He adores his sister, though his intense desire for her attention isn’t always well-received. He’s affectionate and often tells us he loves us, as we do him. He alternately exhausts and energizes us with his joy. We’re just completely smitten.

We celebrated all of this with his friends on Saturday—he requested a tree-themed party at the local gymnastics space. An hour of bouncing, running, and climbing, followed by pizza and cake. He has my sweet tooth.

Happy birthday sweet kiddo, we love you more…

P.S. #HudsonbisFive for many of my favorite photos of him this past year. And our first days with him, six years ago.



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