Mother’s Day gift idea

Last year, for Mother’s Day, we gave each of our moms a personalized 8-photo brag book from Pinhole Press. They were a big hit and we’re making them again.

The thing is, we had them shipped directly to their homes and so I didn’t see them until much later–when I realized how badly I wished that I’d ordered one for myself for that very first Mother’s Day!

This is the one that I made for my mom, with pictures of each of us holding our newborn baby on the day she and he came home from the hospital. (By the way, I think Hudson looks so much like me as a toddler, which of course makes me unreasonably proud… as if it’s some sort of big surprise or something I could control.)

Fortunately, Pinhole saves your previous orders for you, so I was able to simply push “re-order” on this one and then create three new ones. The hardest part was choosing which photos to include out of the entire year’s.

I’ll keep the rest a surprise.

Can you believe we’re already talking about Mother’s Day? Order by the end of April to get a gift to yours in time! Update: 25% off all photo books through April 16 with the code booklove. 

More gift ideas to come…

NB: Pinhole Press is a featured sponsor, but all of the opinions expressed are my own.
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