Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Photos from one of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day parades in New York where, in the morning, the day seemed more about the sounds of bagpipes that would echo in your chest and small children in tartan plaid than green beer—which was preferable.

At the time, I had no idea that gay groups were being excluded from the parade; bagpipes or not, I don’t think I could have felt the same affection for the spectacle had I been aware. It’s encouraging to hear news of increased inclusivity in Boston this year—and I wish everyone felt the same about that.

In a sea of symbols, I like that this photo bears both the American flag and a rainbow.

On another note entirely, I found that I wrote this on Hudson’s Nine Month photo post about the following year’s St. Paddy’s celebration:

“We started the month on St. Patrick’s Day, a ridiculous scene wherein we made the mistake of trying to see the parade from Central Park and ended up fleeing the rowdy scene while trying to keep Hudson asleep in the stroller. That meant frantic side-of-the-street changes (as another group of chanting drunk students would approach) until we ended up walking down First Avenue past the UN with Aron pulling the stroller backwards to keep the high sun off Hudson’s face. I took a picture of the struggle for when I’m tempted to recount glory days and only remember what was awesome about having a baby in the city. I can pull it out and say ‘Are you sure?'”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

P.S. Our Ireland travelogue. Some simple St. Paddy’s cocktails. And an interesting op-ed that talks about how the saint’s day was traditionally “silent and sober” in Ireland.

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