The Art of Silhouette

Did any of you get your silhouette cut by the artist on Disneyland’s Main Street when you were a child? I find the keepsakes to be such a treasure. 

We have one of Hudson from our trip to Disneyland, and one of both kids from DisneyWorld, and I’ve always found them to be very sweet, but we had the pleasure of getting more recent ones of the pair when silhouette artist Karl Johnson came to Davis as part of a tour—and they’re incredible. The profiles are just spot-on and I can’t believe he was able to cut these so quickly—and completely freehand—while the kids were squirming and moving around!


I’ve heard that you can make your own by taking a profile picture, blowing it up to the desired size, and cutting it out as a template for tracing on art paper. Have you tried it? Even that would be challenging. For me, it only highlights the talent of someone who does this as an art. 

If you’ve never seen it done, here’s a video.

P.S. I shared these on Instagram, and some asked about my source for frames. These are pre-matted gallery frames from West Elm.

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