Rolling around!

More milestones: Our days of leaving Hudson alone in the middle of the bed are over–he can now roll from back to stomach, and stomach to back. Don’t worry, we never really left him alone to begin with. But for this boy who loves to roll over to his stomach from his back, then hates actually being on his stomach, well… he has to be excited. As are we. Here is a video of one of his first tries, on New Year’s morning.

And because slightly long videos of our baby rolling over might not be everyone’s thing (and because I have another Hudson-related post planned for his six-month-mesaversary Tuesday), here’s a list of starred links I’ve been holding onto…

Everyone has been so helpful in our hunt for travel inspiration–thank you! But check out this travelogue series that Betsy is making for the three of us. Beyond amazing!! Thank you!
We will be saving South America for a winter (their summer) getaway, and I’ll be coming to Hannah for tips one day. Her trip to Uruguay and Argentina with her one-year-old looks awesome.
How incredible are the bones of this home in Barcelona?
A Beni Ourain rug is sort of on my permanent wish-list. We have the Tangiers repro in the final image, but I’d love a real one someday.
I’m starting to think I have to try this Clarisonic. All I hear are rave reviews.
We’re considering ways to include this mural paper in our home in a temporary fashion. Isn’t it incredible? (We’re also still working on replacing that death-trap leaning mirror.)
A new-to-me online zine with a beautiful home tour.
No one inspires me to try colored denim more than Natalie!
Palm Springs was a frequent destination for me and my family growing up (I’m from Long Beach, CA); and Aron and I loved to go over the summer from LA and just vege by the pool when temps soared and room rates dropped. Next time, I want to go on an architectural tour!
Clean, simple, meal inspiration.
Alternatively, I bet I could eat about a dozen of these in a single sitting. They remind me of our favorite breakfast in Cape Cod. But smaller muffins=more surface for nutmeg and butter and sugar. Yum.
I missed this year’s “Reasons to Love New York” issue from NY Mag–but fortunately the list is also online.
Of course, as great as the city is, there are times you need to escape. Joanna just posted five great getaway ideas. We have also loved going to Fire Island and the North Fork on day trips.
The idea of combining a library and dining room is brilliant. Formal dining rooms seem so useless most of the time; it would be nice to wander in and browse books and pull them over to the table between holidays. (via Urban Kaleidoscope)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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