Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading along and spending your time with me. I know that many of you have been reading Hither & Thither for years, and I appreciate it tremendously!

My gratitude is selfish, too: I started off the morning snuggling in bed with Hudson—Aron was called in and Skyler was still asleep—showing him posts about his and Skyler’s first holidays and feeling grateful for anything I’d written on here about the kids’ first years. We read one of his birthday posts, where he turned three. He laughed at the potty-training tales, while I got misty-eyed at the more sentimental bits. I’ve been staring at both children more intently since then (they’re eating breakfast and watching Charlie Brown right now), trying to commit those shining eyes to memory.

We weren’t with family for Hudson’s first Thanksgiving—we were still living in New York and Aron was starting his last year of residency. We are lucky to get to celebrate this year with both sets of grandparents and many family-friends today.

To those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today, I wish you a wonderful one.

Thank you again! I’m grateful. 

P.S. Last-minute tips and Cyber week sales, and our pre-kid Thanksgiving for two.

[Photo from Instagram]

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