High atop the Met

One of the highlights of summer in New York is an evening at the Cantor Roof Garden at the Met. When we learned a good friend would be in town and that she had Friday afternoon plans to visit the Alexander McQueen exhibit, we knew a trip uptown was in order. We met up with her (and ended up running into other friends as well) before heading across the park to the uptown location of one of our favorite dinner spots, Fatty Crab. 
It was hard to compare Caro’s steel sculptures with the sheer scale and beauty of the past two years’ exhibitions (Maelstrom and the Starn brothers), but in truth the real show has always been the city and the surrounding sky. Just being up there above the tree line of Central Park is incredible.

Anthony Caro on the Roof
April 26, 2011–October 30, 2011 (weather permitting)
The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden

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