Dry Shampoo

Not to sound gross (I promise I do shower regularly), but I’ve relied on dry shampoo for years to keep greasy roots at bay and, in a pinch, rush off to work without washing my hair. My mom first shared this trick with me when1970s-era Psssssssst! was a common drugstore find–and suggested baby powder as an alternative. The risk, however, is that you end up looking dusty (as bad as tell-tale orange streaks with fake tan).

I can imagine dry shampoo might come in especially handy with a new baby (rumor has it that short-cuts in personal grooming become paramount), so I thought I’d share my personal favorite of the brands out there: Oscar Blandi Pronto

 (the powder, not the spray). I’ve also heard great things about Klorane.  Do you have any favorite short-cut confessions?

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