Hot hot holiday

With temperatures nearing the 90s, Monday seemed like a great day for the beach! And we’ve been wanting to return to Sandy Hook–possibly one of our favorite day trips from the city, especially thanks to the amazing ferry trip one takes to get there from Manhattan. (Here are some photos from our first visit.)
I had investigated water temperatures for the Central Atlantic coast and learned that Sandy Hook might be our best chance for comfortable waters (estimated at 75 degrees). What I didn’t know was whether we would find the trip worthwhile if we drove rather than cruised over there, a choice we made based on the holiday ferry schedule (non-ideal) and the off-chance that I could go into labor and we’d be stuck waiting for a boat off the beach (unlikely, but who knows?). 
Verdict? It was still awesome! Take the ferry if you can, but regardless this is a great destination.
By the way, 75 degrees is still quite cool–as in bracing, struggle-to-get-in, best-to-run-and-jump cool–but the water felt wonderful once we were in. I admit I inched my way. (There was no way I was running and doing a belly flop at 37 weeks pregnant; wearing a bikini with a basketball-shaped belly made me stand out enough!)  

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