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There are few Fall Lookbooks I’d like to step into as much as Mollusk Surf Shop’s. It at once feels like real life (the warm light of an autumn day in California) and like vacation (screen-free and salt-kissed).

The models—photographed by Will Adler while actually out for a day of surfing (as opposed to posed awkwardly with an obviously unfamiliar prop)—seem to strike a similar balance: Strong, athletic women. Mussed hair and smile lines. Beautiful in a natural way that makes me think of movie-star Ali MacGraw back when she called Ryan O’Neal “preppy.”

It makes sense that the clothes, too, are comfortable and practical, and yet still sexy and a bit aspirational. (As in, I aspire to have just stepped off the beach or to have someone mistake me for one who has.)

These are some of my favorite images—and a few things I’d happily wear this fall. …




Johanna St. Clair started Mollusk with her husband John McCambridge in San Francisco back in 2005—first selling just t-shirts and hand-shaped surfboards. They’ve since opened shops in Venice and Silverlake, but still feel like a small local company with a focused,’60s-inspired aesthetic.

That sweet looking pup is distracting, I know, but doesn’t this jacket look like a perfect transitional weight?




I have this Gaviota striped dress, but like how it’s paired here with a workshirt-like denim jacket. (I think it’s the same one with the popped collar up top.)




Sidenote: Hudson calls out “camper van” whenever we see one. We’re both fans.



For guys, I like the more tailored fit on Mollusk’s men’s pant and board-short options. These are California-made twill.





Also eyeing: this perfectly boxy white tee, this cozy shawl-collar sweater, and this 3/4-sleeve sweatshirt. (And this favorite shirt of mine is on sale.)

P.S. A guide to visiting the Outer Sunset in San Francisco (where the brand started).

This post is in partnership with Mollusk but all opinions are my own. All photos by Will Adler for Mollusk. 

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