J.W. Hulme Mini-Excursion Bag

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I wandered into the accessories department at a high-end department store the other day and started browsing around among the Pradas and Proenza Schoulers… the “we start at $1300”-bag section.  I remember thinking that one day, when I was a real grown-up, I would buy myself one of these beautiful, buttery bags, but that was when the highest number in my imagination was what seemed like an astronomical $400. Who knew?! Such a shame because the PS1 bag is really very lovely.

I asked the salesperson “what makes the $1500 Balenciaga bag cost that much” (even though I sort of figured I knew what she’d say: labor, quality of materials, label… the usual) “and the also fancy Marc Jacobs cost that much?”

She looked at me like I was crazy and then glanced at my bag (presumably to check whether it was vinyl). She practically spelled the name: “Balenci-aaaa-ga was Spanish. The bags are made in Italy.” Oh, but of course!  That’s why!  Aron and I were laughing about the rationale when he claimed: “now if there was some sort of lifetime guarantee… maybe then…” 

Which is when I remembered that my other high-end dream bag DOES have a lifetime guarantee!

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Isn’t the leather beautiful? Such a pretty color, and I can imagine the patina getting better with age.

J.W. Hulme bags are expensive, too (my favorite, the Mini-Excursion Tote on the left is $590 and the Legacy Shoulder Bag on the right is $370) but brand guarantees each of its handmade bags for life.

Umm, Aron?

[top image via J.W. Hulme site; bottom left photo by Joyce Lee; bottom right photo via Style Extraordinaire]

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