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How was everyone’s week? This was our second week of staying home, so we tried to incorporate more routine—adding in brief scheduled blocks of time for specific activities like math and Spanish. It worked well for being sure we could tick off some tasks, but it was definitely harder for me: a lot more directing and shorter stints to get into any work of my own. By Wednesday—a rainy day to boot—moods weren’t as rosy. I lost my temper and felt the impending regret like an out of body experience even as I did so. So we chucked out the schedule again on Thursday and just went for a day of game playing, cooking (Hudson made us the best pudding ever from this book), and we took a long bike ride in the sunshine. This is all to say, we’re still figuring it out.

We don’t lack for activities—and we actually haven’t been watching TV or movies during the day as I anticipated. There are so many other activities that involve screen-time (like art classes and workouts, story times, and chats with friends—there are so many options) that we find ourselves putting it away and getting to dinner time before they ask about shows like Scooby-Doo. We did watch The Love Bug the other day—after a reader comment on this post—and the kids loved it. Skyler was a roller-coaster of emotion over little Herbie, but came out smiling.

I’m lucky that I can put my work aside (or, rather, that some of it has been aside for me), because I don’t know how I’d work from home alongside them without those sort of frustrations (outbursts). Which isn’t to say that having to put goals aside isn’t frustrating in and of itself, but I can usually get online a bit every day and that just has to be enough for now. The funny thing is, they’re having a great time so far. We’re still in the span of a normal family vacation away from friends, so it probably feels just like that. And they’re young enough that having me with them all the time is exactly what they’d wish for. I of course wish that Aron were with us and miss having another adult around during these long days. It’s a dilemma when he gets home: I sort of want to just hand things off and retreat, but I’m also excited to spend time with him. We’ve also been having some face-time calls with friends and a glass of wine after the kids go to sleep.

Let me know how you’re doing and what you’re enjoying lately. Here are some links of note in our house…

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A Simple First Yogurt Cake for Kids to Bake Themselves

With plenty of time indoors, it seems like a good time to return to a few favorite activities—like letting kids bake their own cake! Here’s one with an illustrated recipe that the kids can easily follow. We did this one when Hudson was three-years-old, so the printable recipe cards are designed for non-readers (and you’ll notice my kids are a lot younger in the photos). I’m looking forward to letting both kids do every step on their own this time! 

Gâteau au Yaourt—a French yogurt cake—is a popular goûter (or afternoon snack) in France, rumored to be one of the first things children there bake. The idea is that (almost) the entire, simple recipe can be made off the measure of a 1/2-cup yogurt container. Here’s how we did it…

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The Weekly Digest

How’s everyone doing? I keep trying to offer myself phrases like “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” in moments of positivity, and then I mutter under my breath “only I’m not an f’ing runner and I’ve never attempted a marathon,” so [throws hands up].

A friend asked me how I handle the anxiety of Aron going off to work at the hospital every day, and it’s one of the times this whole suddenly-responsible-for-all-of-my-children’s-education bit has a silver lining. Who has time to worry about him? (Kidding, kidding.)

“We’re surviving,” is the sort of platitude I might usually offer in this sort of duress. But that feels a little too on the nose when the matter might literally involve life and death. But, honestly, “we’re surviving,” is also the thing that also helps put all of this into perspective. Whatever business losses are scaring me, whatever frustrations I feel about being thrown into this role, I’m grateful every day that we’re surviving—especially as I brace myself for all of this to get much worse before it gets better.

Still, don’t worry—I won’t go full Pollyanna on you if you want to gripe together. I’m as overwhelmed by all of the homeschool resources being emailed my way and as daunted by the days ahead as any one! California is on lockdown and schools are likely out through fall. I’ve sort of been pretending we’re on spring break this week, just the three of us, and we’re going to figure it out after the recess… some time next week. I figure, by that time, you all will have done the heavy lifting and can tell me exactly what to do, right?

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