A first camera for kids (& a look at Hudson’s first travel photos)

The requirements for kids’ cameras are fairly universal: drop-proof, waterproof, easy-to-use, and well-priced.

We did a lot of research and landed on the Nikon Coolpix W100 Underwater camera. It’s a real camera that works well for kids, rather than a toy, but I think it’s worth spending a bit more if your child wants real pictures.

We wanted something very simple to use—easy-to-touch buttons, not too many bells and whistles—and it has fit the bill. It’s an entry-level digital camera that will actually take clear photos, but it’s intuitive. It’s also Wifi compatible, which is nice even if your grade-schooler won’t be sharing photos on social media. It just means you can see what they’re capturing more easily—or send them to be printed right away.

I especially like that Hudson can easily take videos. His narration is priceless. As for other features? I like that there aren’t too many. Remember that most of us don’t use all of the features our cameras offer. Even zoom is secondary, as they’ll get better pictures if they just move with their body.

It can be taken down to 33 feet and comes in handy for snorkeling, but it also fit the bill when Hudson would try drinking from a fountain in Rome and come back soaked from the chin down. And it’s shockproof, too! He never intentionally threw it against a wall, but he came close a few times when his “flossing” got a little too vigorous at the Vatican.

This could be a quick post, simply to recommend the Coolpix, and give you a few reasons why, but I’d love to share some of Hudson’s photos over the years and share some of our experience with his having a camera…

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Cool Trick: Multiplying by Nine on Two Hands

Have you ever seen someone do the multiplication table for nine on two hands? It was a cool little trick we were all obsessed with in the third grade and I’ve never forgotten it. I showed it to Hudson over the weekend and it blew his mind, so I thought I’d share it here as we all ease into the week.

Something to wow your kids with over dinner tonight…

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Manhattenhenge (& Friday Links)

There’s a non-official holiday occurring twice a year when the sun sets in perfect alignment with the Manhattan street grid dubbed “Manhattanhenge” (first described in 2002 by “sexiest astrophysicist alive,” Neil deGrasse Tyson). Buildings along the East-West streets glow and crowds gather in the final moments of daylight—darting back and forth between light cycles, dodging traffic, and eventually gaining critical mass such as to keep traffic at bay.

The full-sun event, where the bottom of the sun meets the city grid would have happened yesterday. Today, if the clouds cooperate, New Yorkers can catch the half-sun event, where the middle of the sun meets the street.

Even though we live on the other side of the country, I still read about in the Times and think back to that sticky summer when I Aron and I stopped to take pictures just a few days before Hudson was born. He will be seven next week, and I can hardly believe the math.

This weekend we head up to the cabin, and then next week we celebrate!

Any fun plans on your end? Will you be watching The World Cup? Here are some links of note if you’re in the mood…

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