Style Primer: New Traditional

by Samantha Martin

There are few things I enjoy more than getting lost in the work of talented interior designers and considering what makes a particularly beautiful room design stand out—and how the same effect can be achieved elsewhere. This is the first in a series of Style Primer posts that will focus on one current style, and provide tips about how that look comes together. Let’s kick things off with what I’m calling New Traditional—a refreshing, modern update of formal interiors.

New Traditional relies on layering and the right juxtaposition of classic furniture and contemporary accents. The best new traditional rooms feel livable and approachable yet also luxe. This may be my favorite style because it has so many iterations from bold to restrained, and because the rooms are more timeless, less trendy. It’s also a style that can suit the architecture of many homes from suburban new-builds to historic row homes.

But how do we achieve that elusive balance of new and old? Let’s break it down…

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Secrets to Great Fruit Salads (& Friday Links)

I couldn’t bring myself to close this Bon Appetit tab on my computer, and so I share with you the secret formula for great fruit salads, any time of the year, according to Carla Lalli’s new book, Where Cooking Begins: Uncomplicated Recipes to Make You a Great Cook:

All you need is sweet-juicy fruit, plus crunchy-salty nuts and chewy-fatty cheese. Add some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then, let everything sit for 15 minutes before serving, so the fruit juices can mingle with the dressing on the plate. Works every time.

(And pssst, don’t forget that Avocados and tomatoes are fruits!)

Here are some more tasty links of note for the weekend… 

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Fanny pack-ing it.

Have you gotten into the fanny pack trend? A while back I wrote about some of my favorite belt bags, but it’s been interesting to see their direction returning to the sling shape of my youth—only this time, more often styled as a cross-body bag.

I used mine (albeit around my waist) all throughout our trip to Disneyland, and was reminded how utilitarian they are. Here’s some looks that have caught my eye for this spring, worn both at the hip and at the chest…

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