Three Fun Things I Tried Last Month

I don’t do a whole lot of experimenting when it comes to beauty and style routines, but last month was different. Impulse purchases led me, on three occasions, to discover a few new tricks I’ll be coming back to…

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My Resolution: Raise a Glass (of Water!)

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I’ve noticed that mine are often really about forming new habits. There is one in particular I really want to stick with in 2020: drinking more water!

Aron and I just listened to a Hidden Brain podcast all about reducing the “friction” (obstacles) to making good choices become habits—placing bright, colorful fruits and vegetables out on the table, and sliced or otherwise at-the-ready in the fridge, for example. A cold pitcher of water (and, okay, maybe some cans of La Croix) front-and-center.

Of all the habits I’d like to form, starting the day with a glass of water really should be so simple.

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Happy New Year!

Cheers to a brilliant 2020! Hope your next year is filled with people you love!

And thank you for reading this past year. I’m so grateful for this space and for the conversations that happen in comments!

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