Getting Funky: Pairing Cheese, Sips, and Music

The ingredients for a good party are pretty simple: Friends, food, drinks, and a soundtrack. The first bit is up to you, but I recently came across some fun suggestions for the other three:

Our local grocer, Nugget Markets, puts out an in-store magazine every season, The Field Guide, and their fall issue went beyond suggesting the traditional wine and cheese pairings to include beer and spirits—and even music.

I’ve had great success with their recipes, and trust the cheese department to know their stuff, so I decided to follow their lead, picking up all the items on the set list for a “funky fromage” theme.

After all, I love strong cheeses, and was excited to be introduced to some new ways to share them. Here’s what I learned…

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Parent Hack: Ball-on-a-Rope batting aid

Hudson’s going to play Little League for the first time this spring, so the other day we took him over to Grandpa’s house for a little practice. My dad brought out the ol’ ball-on-a-rope.

Dad used to coach softball when he was in college, and he came up with a genius little trick to stop chasing after balls when he was teaching how to hit…

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Blind spots (& Friday Links)

We walked out of dinner last night to the smell of smoke and ashes in the air. California can’t seem to catch a break from the wildfires. It’s absolutely devastating. Here’s are the current updates on containment and the news on the Camp Fire in Northern California as well as the Ventura County Fire.  Currently wishing for lower winds and some serious rain.

It’s a three-day weekend for the kids: we’re celebrating some birthdays, making plans with friends, and doing some fall cleaning. What’s on your your list?

Lots of links of note, in the meantime… 

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