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The past couple of weeks have been filled with end-of-year celebrations (like popsicles and crazy hair days) and I am ready for the weekend!

The kids are out of school—yesterday was the last day—and we’ve already played some mini-golf and went on a trip to the zoo. This morning, after making pancakes, I threw out a ton of loose school papers and hid the computers. In other words, bring it on, summer.

The celebrating really all began last week: we drove down to Southern California for a one-day trip to Disneyland (which was awesome), and then returned to little league playoffs. I know I bemoaned them as unnecessary, but it has been very exciting. (And I love hanging out with the other parents in the stands.) Hudson’s team won all three games and is in the final two for the coming weekend. Now, next week, the summer camps begin.

Because in all honesty, as romantic as lazy, unscheduled summer days sound, I’m excited for some full-day routines. I think, after 16 or so months, we’re all ready to have lunch apart. I’m sure I’ll feel some guilt about not pushing them to find creativity in boredom or something like that, but I’m going to try to ignore that feeling and revel in knowing they’re playing with other kids and I’m free to make plans in more than two-hour bursts.

In fact, I’d love to write more, now, but I’ll try again after camp begins…

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The Weekly Digest

It’s Memorial Day weekend—which besides being the unofficial start to summer is a time for us to think about those who sacrificed their lives in the name of our country. Thank you to those who gave their lives in service and to the families and friends who miss them.

Do you have plans for the long weekend? We will head to Tahoe to summerize the cabin and get in some hiking. It’s going to reach triple digits in Davis and I feel like everyone is going to be hitting the road. I did a quick check of coastal Airbnbs and they are non-existent! Other than that, we’re finishing up the Little League regular season tonight (playoffs are still forthcoming), and finalizing summer plans. I’m also going to finish watching the Friends reunion special. (Did you see it?) Whatever your plans, have a good one!

A few years ago, looking for some fresh inspiration for honoring the holiday, I found this list, “17 Memorial Day Quotes to Honor Our Nation’s Soldiers.” Since then, I’ve come back to these:

“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America.” (William J. Clinton) and “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” (Mark Twain).

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The Weekly Digest

I finally made through the final gauntlet of summer-camp-sign-ups! Phew. Our summer plans are in place. Granted, we’re on hold to see whether we have to have baseball playoffs and be put in the awful position of making our kid choose team vs trip. (Why can’t they set the schedule yet?! And why do we need playoffs if we’ve played every other team three times already?! Questions nobody can answer.) One of the plans we’ve settled on is a road trip to Southern California with a stop on Catalina island to do some camping! The kids are pretty psyched to hike to a beach to set up a tent. I did the trans-island trail once in high school and I’m looking forward to seeing it again. I’m also excited to stick to the 101 when heading south! We’re going to stop in Ojai, too—I’ve never been!

Are you making any plans? Is anyone going to go to Europe now that they’re opening to vaccinated travelers? (I wish!) Our friends are on a Sabbatical in Spain and we’ve been chatting about Barcelona this week.

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