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Sorry that the title “weekly” has not been accurate lately!

It’s another week in which the news is hard to look at. “The U.S. has seen 39 mass shootings so far this month. More than 60 people have been killed.” It’s not even February.

I saw this poem on Kottke and it really captured that horrifying feeling of how routine it starts to feel. It’s unfathomable, all this loss and grief around us all the time. I’m so sorry for the families and friends of those shot in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay right now.

Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild, by Kathy Fish (Source)

A group of grandmothers is a tapestry. A group of toddlers, a jubilance (see alsoa bewailing). A group of librarians is an enlightenment. A group of visual artists is a bioluminescence. A group of short story writers is a Flannery. A group of musicians is — a band.

resplendence of poets.

beacon of scientists.

raft of social workers.

A group of first responders is a valiance. A group of peaceful protestors is a dream. A group of special education teachers is a transcendence. A group of neonatal ICU nurses is a divinityA group of hospice workers, a grace.

Humans in the wild, gathered and feeling good, previously an exhilaration, now: a target.

target of concert-goers.

target of movie-goers.

target of dancers.

A group of schoolchildren is a target.

Sending hope for peace to everyone.

Here are some more positive things I’ve been occupied with:

Diane Keaton: Her Instagram makes me so happy, so often. And I have her to thank for making me love two new songs with her dancing: “Another Man’s Jeans” by Ashe, and “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus (who also makes me very happy).

Date nights: We went out with some friends last Saturday to two new-to-me places in Sacramento and it was really nice to feel those wants for exploration and cool-ness satiated. I love going places where the aesthetic leaves you inspired.

Travel planning: Well, this one is a mixed bag because it does bring about some stress, too. But we finally booked our tickets for spring break (Oaxaca!) and made some reservations. I am grateful to a member in Bon Traveler’s Lounge group who shared some tips!

Kids’ sports: Okay, also mixed, because it turns me into a taxi, but I enjoy watching the kids play and do their best. Skyler has really shied away from anything competitive, so I was really happy when she wanted to sign up for city rec basketball. It’s very low-pressure and their first game was filled with all sorts of traveling and such that the refs just turn a blind eye to. It’s lovely as far as gentle introductions go.

Target Brightroom: We are trying to do some new-year-organization and thank you to Target for all the straight-sided bins! Now I just need to set aside some more time to actually use them…

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Happy New Year! (& Weekly Digest)

Happy New Year! I saw a meme featuring Larry David saying that you’re only allowed to wish people that up to January 7, so I’m making it in just under the wire!

We greeted the new year with friends (kids, too) at a long table playing truth or lie and Cards Against Humanity. Afterward, on my “more” list for this year, I added “dinner parties”—they’re so much fun.

In my “less” list column, I put “scrolling,” which prompted lots of questions from the kids. “What’s scrolling?” The problem is that now they point out to me whenever they see me doing it. No one holds you accountable quite like they do!

Nonetheless, I’ve still been guilty and so (voila!) a brief list of links… 

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Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating tomorrow! And season’s greetings to everyone! Thank you for coming back here throughout the years—even if my posting is less regular than it once was, this is still a very special space for me and I’m grateful to you for reading and wishing our family well. I love hearing from you and will try for more consistency in the new year.

Wishing everyone good health and a peaceful new year!

xx Ashley

[Eek! I couldn’t narrow these down… beautiful photos thanks to my friend, Julia Aue @ visavisphotography]

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