Happy Easter Weekend (& Friday Links)

Happy Easter Weekend to those who are celebrating! We are kicking ours off with back-to-back baseball games on Friday and Saturday, and then having an egg hunt and brunch at Aron’s parents’ house.

At some point, in between, we might get to some egg-dying, and will be re-reading this favorite Easter book. I’d never read it as a child, but I love this 1939-written tale about the Easter bunny tradition—that’s also about valuing the hard work and persistence of a stay-at-home, little brown mother bunny in a white-male-rabbit dominated industry. I highly recommend it—it’s really something! Heyward, the author, also wrote Porgy, which became the basis of Porgy and Bess.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Some links of note… 

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In Season: Truffled Egg Toast

One of the first restaurants I ever visited in New York, ‘Ino, a tiny space with only a toaster-oven for a kitchen, used to serve one of my favorite dishes in the city: truffled egg toast.

I think of it every time spring comes around and asparagus returns to the markets. The restaurant closed in 2013, but recipes (and expressions of mourning) for the dish are easy to find online. It’s essentially eggs-in-basket: Thick, pullman bread—barely toasted—covered in cheese, brimming with runny egg, and scented with truffles. I watched a Food Network clip about it from “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” and was surprised to see that it’s only two yolks in the middle—which is perhaps why it feels so rich.

Here’s how to make it for yourself…

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Style Primer: California Casual Modern

by Samantha Martin

In the last few years, the minimalist-yet-cozy look of California Casual Modern has taken the internet by storm. It’s easy to see why. These interiors make you want to kick off your shoes, relax, and breathe a sigh of relief. A California Casual Modern room has an it-factor—it is undeniably cool. But with all their light and texture, these spaces are never cold, never uncomfortably modern.

This style is pared back, which can make it seem deceptively simple. However, without the right balance of some key elements, a California Casual Modern room can lack dimension and life. What’s the trick to achieving Cali-cool rooms that don’t fall into the trap of boring-neutral? Let’s break it down…

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