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I’ve been wanting to ask about your favorite family movies for a while, but the subject just became much more pressing.

Every family movie night, Aron and I would find ourselves dual-scrolling through reviews on Common Sense Media for opinions on whether that movie we loved as kids was actually full of problematic gender roles or racial stereotypes. Our ’80s nostalgia is strong, but man—there are some land mines! On the other hand, sometimes the reviews skew conservative on the age suggestions for reasons less bothersome to us—like a history lesson that might be a little over their head.

The other day I showed off my So-Cal surfer-speak chops to Hudson and he was so impressed. It really made me want to show him Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. But is it actually any good? I can’t remember. And then that made me think of how much I used to love movies like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. (Would they love the dance offs?) I feel like this fits into that genre of movie where it’s fun for kids, but it’s really for me. Back to the Future is on this spectrum, too—if a bit more skewed toward the “for kids” end.

But at Hudson’s age, I went to the theaters with my parents and watched all of these: Top Gun, Aliens, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Platoon, Stand By Me, The Fly, Crocodile Dundee, Pretty in Pink, and The Karate Kid Part 2. I loved Chevy Chase in Spies Like Us and thought Eddie Murphy was the coolest after watching Down & Out in Beverly Hills. So I just can’t tell sometimes!

I recently asked for your favorites on Instagram. Here are the answers (so many recs for Parent Trap). I’ve broken up by the age ranges for which Common Sense Media recommends them, but that’s just for one point of reference. I’d love to hear more in the comments—including for documentaries…

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The Weekly Digest

Well. How’s everyone doing?

Taking it one day at a time seems about all we can do around here—following the public health recommendations, watching for updates and cancellations, washing our hands around the clock. They haven’t closed the schools here, yet, but it feels like it’s coming.

I wish I had comforting words. I find myself alternating between fear for the health of our family (our parents, in particular) and calm (I tend not to be a worrier by nature). It’s devastating to see the loss to human life around the globe, a result of what is now officially a pandemic. I worry about Aron, going into the hospital for work, and I worry about kids—if the schools do close—who are food insecure or whose parents might not be able to stay home. I worry about our elections. And in the immediate, it’s hard to watch students lose their chance to go to senior prom, to live in the dorms or study abroad, or perhaps to go to graduation. It’s hard to see small businesses suffer—even while I anticipate it will only get worse. I can tell you, it’s feeling like an awkward time to have just taken over a local publication focused on events. I’m not sure what’s in store. It’s all very ominous.

The turmoil I was feeling just last week over summer camp signups—feels like an eternity away. How was that only Tuesday? Day by day…

What are you finding helpful?

I’ll start with some links that I’ve been most impacted by, and then throw in some fun ones, too.


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