Pig Day at the Davis Farmer’s Market

The weekend before last, the Davis Farmer’s Market celebrated their 22nd annual Pig day. Apparently March 1st is National Pig Day, a holiday I somehow completely overlooked while I was a student at UC Davis. But it’s quite a event, especially for children, so we met up with some friends and walked downtown to celebrate.



The regular market was brimming with color; we brought home tart kumquats and got breakfast sandwiches at Fat Face (which we all decided seemed either completely appropriate or completely inappropriate for the occasion.)


Hudson loved all of the baby pigs—they were awfully cute—but rumor had it there were ponies to go in search of. And horses, well, they’re so much more exciting these days.

He laughed and laughed when his horse whinnied and the sweetness just about knocked me over.

If you ever find yourself around Davis on a Saturday (or Wednesday night in the summer), be sure to check out the Davis Farmer’s Market. It’s a great one.

P.S. New York’s Greenmarket. And remember when Hudson kissed these pretend-horses goodbye?



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