Giving thanks at the table: An easy DIY Placemat

Giving Thanks Easy DIY Placemat

I’ve been seeing so many lovely tabletop designs for Thanksgiving lately. I tend toward simple, but it’s inspiring! I thought this was a lovely idea to incorporate the spirit of the holiday into the decorations—an easy, DIY placemat (that still wouldn’t distract from the food or the table too much).

We tend to play a few games at the table. Last year we had a round of Thanksgiving trivia.

And, usually, we write down what we’re thankful for on anonymous cards and try to guess whose is whose. I’ll never forget: my cousins made the rule that you couldn’t say anything obvious (like friends, family, religion, health…). So I said “butter.” Of course, everyone else broke the rule. And then I was the arse who said “butter!”

Do you have any games you incorporate into Thanksgiving? Fun traditions?

P.S. Aron & my first thanksgiving-for-two in New York, and a cute giving-thanks mad libs!

[Image and design (with printable): Oh my deer handmades]

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