Swimming in the South Yuba (& Friday Links)



Some photos from Monday night, when Aron and I snuck off to the Yuba River for some scrambling over boulders and dips in the cool water without the kids! I first wrote about day-tripping here when I was pregnant with Skyler. We also went to dinner at a Roadhouse called The Willo, famous for its New York Steaks. Such a classic spot! You cook or they cook on the open grill in the dining room, or you can go get some $3 draft at the bar! (More photos below.)

Tomorrow we’ll be headed up that way again: My sister-in-law and her family are visiting from Germany for the month of August and we’re headed to Tahoe this weekend to celebrate her birthday. We’re so excited to show them the cabin (which we are renting, now!)—we’re all staying there together and Hudson can’t stop talking about it. He’s obsessed with his older nephews.

I’m hoping we can sneak out to the lake when it’s dark and watch for signs of the Perseid meteor shower!  What are your plans this weekend?

Some links of note, if you’re online… 

A friend just introduced me to @SymmetryBreakfast—where Michael posts symmetrical breakfasts for himself and his fiancée. (And he just wrote a book and proposed in the dedication! “Mark, without you there would be no symmetry, no one to make breakfast for, and no reason to get out of bed. You are my best friend, my love. Will you marry me?”) How lovely!

An awesome list of documentaries—some I’ve seen and some I’m putting on my watch-list.

Loved this gorgeous nursery tour and interview with Madewell’s Joyce Lee (who, full disclosure, was my college housemate). As expected, her style flawless!

I wish I had better posture

A chocolate room, an ice cream sandwich swing, and a pool of rainbow sprinkles? Count me in for a visit to NYC’s newest museum.  

Alexis just got back from Vermont, and so did Bridget. Has me looking back on one August week we spent there, that I shared here and here.  

Seriously? The most-Googled question of 2015. Depressing, if true. 

Can’t wait to read this! The write-up in the New York Times Magazine has my curiosity piqued.

We used a new (cute) brand of diapers on our trip because they’re way less bulky. We could pack so many more in our suitcase!

Love Marlow & Sons and really enjoyed getting a look at the founders’ home. But also really enjoyed Kate Huling’s perspective on marriage and family.

And one of my favorite random blog posts, Allie’s search history. Please, can more people share their search history? So funny! 

It reminded me of this screenshot Aron shared.

And, finally, accidental censorship. Made me laugh!

Have a great weekend!




P.S. More local treasures: #HitherThitherSac

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