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This week has been very sunny and warm (a bit eerily so for January—sorry, New England), and still I find my mind wandering to tropical places. And news of thawing relations with and shifting rules for travel to Cuba have me reading up on the Caribbean island, specifically. I found myself seeking out some photographs by Jose Villa (best known for his wedding work)—these are from a few years ago, but you can see why they stuck with me.

Have any of you been to Cuba? Purely sun-and-sand vacations are still a no-go, but “purposeful” travel is now a possibility.

In the meantime, here are a few other items of note… 

Would you use a piddle pouch with your kid on the go? Could be handy!

I contributed a tip to Refinery 29 on getting upgraded on flights. (Though, sorry to say, upgrades are very rare these days.)
The New Yorker‘s funny response to those 36 questions one should ask to fall in love.

Aron loves Baklava. I just may have to try making this gorgeous Baklava-inspired cake one day.

Farewell, SkyMall. (Sorry, mom.)And welcome back, Keri Russel and The Americans! (And in great PR-timing: did you hear about the Russian spy ring in New York?)

Ikea is going to start offering vegan (meat)balls

Louis CK has a new standout album out, and he’s selling it directly.

The actual price of 17 famous TV-family homes.

And finally, we are firmly in 3-1/2-year-old territory (which I mean to write about in one of those Hudson updates one day soon), and this book series was recommended to me. (And, coincidentally, to a friend by a second source.) It’s wonderful—and I feel like understanding what’s developmentally appropriate is already helping me to be more… patient. I think I may need to order one for every year.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. More Caribbean Inspiration in the Travelogues. 

[All images by Jose Villa]

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