Kitchen tools and online crushes

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of these? I think the black one would look really nice against our “chocolate froth” walls. 
The charts will be made in multiple colors by Jenna Park, who writes Sweet Fine Day–one of my regular reads. One of these days I look forward to trying the delicious looking sweets that her husband bakes up for their shop, Whimsy and Spice. I always admire Jenna’s honesty and wit, and enjoy tremendously her reminiscences on growing up in New York. I look forward to seeing what city life brings next for a (stylish, beautiful) young family in Brooklyn, on the verge of (maybe) opening up a new store. Entrepreneurism can be so inspiring, can’t it?
Oh, and seriously: her girls are gorgeous. The photos she takes of them are stunning!
(Image by Jenna Park from here)

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