What I learned from 2017 roundups

I wanted to read all of the incredible 2017 roundup lists out there—the best of, well, anything you can imagine—but couldn’t possibly keep up. Still, here are some gems I found from sifting through what I could…

Resting your chocolate chip dough produces the best chocolate chip cookies. (Via Buzz Feed‘s cool cooking tricks of 2017)

Routine can help you feel like a local: a travel tip from Samantha Brown who says “No matter where I go I do one thing, the same thing, every single day to feel more like a local.” (Via Condé Nast Traveler)

Sesame Street made a rubber ducky version of “Despacito” this year. (Via Man Repeller‘s pop culture highlights)

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel makes any manicure a gel one without the UV light. (Via Coveteur’s drugstore beauty list)

Getting specific about what you’re going to do is maybe the key to reaching your workout goal. (Via Meg Biram)

That I have a lot of TV to catch up on, but Alias Grace is going up the list. (via Emily Nussbaum’s New Yorker TV roundup)

Also, that I need to watch Call Me By Your Name, stat. (via The Guardian‘s list of best movies of the year)

S-Town tops the list of my still must download podcasts (via The Atlantic‘s list of 50 best podcasts)

None of the girls condemned at the Salem Witch Trials were actually burned at the stake. (via a Buzz Feed 2017 list)

That the response to “Cat Person” was so incredible that it became the second-most read New Yorker article of the year in only the last three weeks of the year.

Gossip Girl is 10 years old (!) and you can read an oral history. (Via Pure Wow‘s best articles of 2017 roundup)

What we know about American Democracy shifted a lot last year. (via Vox)

Diane Keaton designed a house based on Pinterest. (Via Apartment 34‘s top pins of 2017)

We are all (still) looking to declutter. The golden rule is “if you don’t use it daily, put it away.” (Via Apartment Therapy)

Tandoori-spiced cauliflower is a thing I need to try. (Via Design Sponge‘s best of food list, and I Love India)

That this round-up of Ikea built-in hacks remains a favorite on here, so in in light of that I spotted an incredible under-stair version in this Apartment Therapy roundup.

How to do an updo with short hair. (Via A Beautiful Mess‘s best-of list)

Wolves start exploring the world when they’re blind and deaf, and other key differences between wolves and dogs. (via New York Times Science section, What we learned)

That men travelling first class tend to weigh more than those in economy, while for women the reverse is true. (Lucy Hooker, via Kotke’s 2017 list)

Also, someone else made a “what I learned” list and it has some fascinating articles, like this tragic one about pine nut harvesters on the Chinese border with North Korea. (They use gas-powered balloons.)

Any fun or mind-blowing tips you took away from all of those year-end roundups? 

P.S. More chocolate chip cookie tips, depending on how you like yours.

[Photo by Peter DaSilva for the New York Times]











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